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The Release Modeler Visio stencil is a tool to help with designing the release process of your applications. Ay InCycle, we use this stencil to help new teams ramp up with InRelease, our release automation product. However, whether you use InRelease, another automation product, or manage your release process manually, having a tool and a process to drive the discussions and decision making across all the teams involved is very helpful!

The use of a stencil leverages the Visio basics of dragging predefined shapes that corresponds to the decision elements encountered in mapping the release paths of your applications through all your tests environment and in productions. It provides and overview of the complete process, from dev to operations.

You can find a more detailed description of the stencil and how to use it on my blog post at

Please leave any comments or suggestions on my blog. I hope you will find this stencil useful!

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